Date Time Location Info
June 18 8:30-10:00 pm 6100 Brooklyn Bridge Rd, Laurel, MD 20707 Short Vespers in the sanctuary, followed by food and lunar observing outside.

Events are made final by the Wednesday before, but are subject to change prior due to changes in weather.

What to Expect

For any stargazing event there will be telescopes set up, each with a volunteer guide. You are also very welcome to bring your own telescope. Depending on the night you may be able to see planets, lunar craters, star clusters, nebulae, and sometimes galaxies.


Have you ever seen Saturn's rings? The Orion Nebula? When was the last time you saw the craters on the moon? God created so much beauty in space for us to enjoy, however many people have not seen much of it. It is the goal of this ministry to change that; to help others know a little more about God through His creation.

Night Sky RHI is a ministry of Reaching Hearts International